DDR Professional

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Do you need to –

  • Unerase accidently deleted files from data storage devices (Hard Disk and USB Media).
  • Undelete data after formatted or re-formatted disk drives.
  • Recover files after emptied Recycle bin.
  • Recover data after software crash or from virus corrupted media.
  • Get back files from USB media operated on Linux or Mac OS.

Fast, simple and easy-to-use File Recovery Software specifically to recover lost, deleted and accidently erased data from Hard disk and USB removable media drives. Powerful data recovery program deeply scans and discover misplaced media files including digital photos, pictures, audio songs, video clips, office files and even text documents. Software works comfortably with any fixed drives, external HDD, USB flash drives, SD cards, Memory sticks, Digital cameras, Mobile phones etc of all major device manufactures (Popularly for Seagate, Kingston, Sony, Samsung, Hitachi, Maxtor, Nikon, Fujitsu etc).

Software recovers files from common data loss cases including:

  • Accidentally formatted or re-formatted media drives,
  • Human errors (mistakenly deleted files using Shift+Delete key),
  • Virus corrupted USB drives and hard disk partitions,
  • Software crash and Hardware malfunction,
  • OS failure, Boot sector problems,
  • USB media removed accidently during working mode,
  • Emptied Recycle bin folder or data deleted pressing Shift+Del keys,
  • Logically damaged hard disk etc.

File recovery software easily gets back data from such Pen drive, Memory card or other USB media that result in lost files while operating on Linux or Mac OS X operating system. Simply connect such removable media to Windows OS supported machine having DDR Professional Data Recovery Software installed and run the program. Data undelete program preview list of recoverable files and folders.

Software Features

  • Instant recovery of files from Hard disk and USB removable media drives.
  • Simple windows style interface helps in easily understanding the software.
  • No expert guidance or technical knowledge needed to operate the program.
  • Simple, inexpensive and reliable data undelete program.
  • Save recovered files at specified location on the system.
  • Data recovery from USB media operated on Linux or Mac OS X operating systems.